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We always advise our customers to come in for a fitting, but if you are unable to visit us, you can supply your measurements well in advance of your hire period please, and we will work with you to provide the most appropriate items.

Once you have decided on the outfit you would like, please refer to the measurements guide below and then complete the online form.

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Guide to Obtaining Measurements

  • Chest Measure

    Measure fully around the chest under the arms and ensuring the tape is fully over the shoulder blades. Keep three fingers under the tape to allow for ease and putting things in pockets.

  • Waist Measure

    The waist measure is taken fully around the waist just above the belt of the trouser.

  • Seat Measure

    The seat measure is taken fully around the seat ensuring the tape is fully over the largest area of the buttocks.

  • Jacket Length

    The jacket length is a measure from the base of the collar along the centre back seam to the bottom of the jacket.

  • Shoulder Measure

    The shoulder measure is taken from the position where the centre back seam meets the collar, taken directly across to the sleeve seam where the shoulder seam meets with it.

  • Sleeve Measure

    Continue with the shoulder measure down to the position half way across the cuff to give an overall sleeve measure.

  • Trouser Outside Leg Measure

    The trouser outside leg measure is taken from the top of the waistband down the length of the outside leg seam to the bottom of the trouser.

  • Trouser Inside Leg Measure

    The inside leg seam measure is taken from the top of the inside leg seam where it meets with the seam around the crutch follow on down to the bottom of the trouser leg.

  • Head Circumference

    This is taken right around the head just above the ears,  e.g.57cms is a size 7 Hat